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About the Team

Experienced, Qualified Technical and Development Team

Vindicator Systems Group personnel all come from diverse backgrounds, and have all served within Special Forces Operations, Army, Navy, and Marine Corp, IC, and Law Enforcement, and all have deployed, deployed with, or inserted technologies within our core competencies for over 60 years. 

VSGI personnel have been involved in supporting a number of national identity management programs and in deploying biometric and Identity Management technologies and IA/Cyber SME’s at national and international levels. Below is is a representative short list of representative US Government agencies and Countries that have benefited from the VSGI staff biometric expertise.

We provide technical and proposal management services for capture, development of win strategies for increased win probability, competitive assessments, market analysis, M&A due diligence, and integration services.  Our successes include major technology development and Consulting Services contracts with Defense and Intelligence Agencies and Prime Contractors throughout the Industry.

Our knowledge of the concepts and standards required for creating and managing architectures for on-premise and private cloud and hybrid enterprise networks is informed by real-world experience in environments as disparate as the Pentagon, DIA, INSCOM, Agency, and others.  

We identify the best technology solutions available and integrate them into your network environment to provide high availability, secure, scalable, manageable, and reliable services. From project planning and network assessment to solution design and documentation, our network architecture design ensures maximum efficiency and performance and compliance with industry standards and organizational policies for information security.

Worldwide Partner for Specialized Common Operating Platforms and Mobile Biometrics Technology Development, Imaging Systems, Solutions and Services

Examples of our Past Performance

 United States
United States Department of Defense (DOD) Current and Past Contracts


US Army G3 SPOT/JAMMS POR’s $4.5M R&D Projects for worldwide deployment with our New Viper Common Operating Systems on Programs of Record.
Current US Navy –IA/Cyber – Classified
DOD-IAC- DS TAT MAC – Engineering, RDT&E, Ops Sustainability - $3B IDIQ Prime Team Sub

Current contract and pending deployment of units to SOF Units in USSOCOM and JSOC at Ft. Bragg/VB; and CBP, NYPD, and FBI mid-March.Pending:  USAFRICOM Deployment Q3 2017 , US Navy –Cyber Command- Classified 3/2016, USSOCOM – ARMS Support Contract 3/2016
DIA – ESITE Support Contract 3/2016

Team Services Contracts
epartment of Justice (DOJ)
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA and INSCOM)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Other Intelligence Agencies


Foreign and US Government Services Contracts
Saudi Arabia                       Venezuela
Canada                                Mexico
Jordan                                  Afghanistan
United Kingdom                 Australia
Egypt                                   Algeria
Morocco                              Iraq


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