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Specialized Handhelds

Viper™ Handheld Common Operating Platforms with Expandable Fully Integrated Multi-Modal Biometrics and Communications Capabilities

VSGI is currently development of three new Viper™ products in support of tactical biometric data collection and adjudication operations, forensic analysis, and media exploitation for Defense, Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Based on our Specialized Android V1 Cellular Platform, these devices provide multi-modal Biometric Data Collection for Fingerprint, Iris, Face, and Voice, Forensics and Sensitive Site Collection and Analysis/Triage, and Secure Multi-Modal Communications, and are compatible with or exceed all Federal Standards,  Our patent pending stand-off Iris imaging capabilities surpass the marketplace in capability, image quality, with Zero-Touch operation. Our Fingerprint Sensor technologies are based on Integrated Biometrics SAP 45, FBI Certified Platens.    

Vindicator ID (VSGI) has redesigned and is producing new Android-based smartphones and SmartPads with Cell-Phone/Wi-Fi/, LMR, Satellite Communications capabilities, Multimodal (face, IRIS, and Fingerprint) biometric identification, validation, and verification (IV&V), and state of the art security for both data at rest, and in transit.

Further, our unique high-end platforms provide far more than simple biometric capabilities.  These platforms are powerful full CXISR, common operating compute platforms in both specialized and rugged handheld phone and tablet form factors.  They also have the ability to replace myriad other expensive, single use products currently fielded around the world, with highly unique snap-on VFlex™ modules.  This is just one more way VSGI and Vindicator ID provide innovative, high-capacity, cost effective solutions.


VSGI has designed and developed several unique wearable communications, biometric collection, and specialized imaging devices for Military and Law Enforcement applications.  We performed this work in support of a special military operational need.  Call us for more information.

Specialized and Covert Device and Platform Design and Development

VSGI is well versed in the design of specialized devices and platforms for unique or covert applications.  We have developed satellite, communications, and cellular devices for many years, and though most of the projects are not for public consumption, we have the engineering capability to design, manufacture, and field most specialized communications technologies. 

VSGI V/C-1  - The most advanced Cellular Handhelds, Security, and Device Management (MDM)Solutions found For Mobile phones on the market

 COMPREHENSIVE - No need for additional 3rd parties, complete system provided by VSGI

  1. END TO END DEVELOPED AND MANUFACTURED BY VSGI - Manufacturing, HW design, device FW, server SW
  2. CERTIFIED - By A Communications Regulatory Authority for Restricted levels
  3. MORE SECURITY LAYERS THAN ANY OTHER SOLUTION - Unique advanced proprietary security layer solution
  4. BASED ON DEDICATED SECURE HARDWARE - Device tamper detection, Device integrity check by remote attestation, Impossible for 3rd party to modify device HW or SW, NOT based on commercial off-the-shelf HW as most solutions
  5. DUAL ENCRYPTION OF VOICE AND MESSAGING - Highest level of communication security, By the end of the 2016 advanced group calls with encryption not seen on the market
  6. ALWAYS ON INTEGRATED VPN - No data traffic allowed before VPN link established
  7. NON-GMS (GOOGLE MOBILE SERVICES) VERSION FOR HIGHEST LEVEL OF PRIVACY - Secure Push Service and Secure Enterprise App Library provided to replace Google services
  8. HOSTED AND ADMINISTERED BY THE END USER ORGANIZATION -No 3rd parties needed to deploy and use the VSGI system
  9. PROTECTED DEVICE - IP67 level water and dust protection, MIL-STD-810G shock resistant, Glove-usable touch screen, functional also in wet conditions.

If you have a need for any type of specialized communications device, and unique integrated sensors for imaging, analysis, or any other specialized sensors, call us for more information.


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