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Technology Development

Specialized Technology, Hardware, Software, Communications Design and Development

The VSGI Team brings over 60 years of Defense and Intelligence tactical device and software development experience in the development of Hardware and Software Technologies for Terrestrial and Satellite Communications, Mobile Biometrics, Specialized Imaging, HSI, TASS/SASS Communications and Surveillance, Tactical Mobile Command Shelters, Specialized Sensor Technologies, C4ISR Operations, Cyber Security, and specialized Electrical and Electronic Engineering Services.

VSGI is customer-centric with a strong management team and an unyielding commitment to provide the industry-best user experience by designing and building fully integrated common operating platforms with integrated multi-modal biometrics and secure communications solutions for public safety, military and industrial users.

Personnel in these markets need durable, cost-effective, easy-to-use biometric identity verification, reconnaissance,forensics, and situational awareness common operating tools in order to improve performance and reduce risk for jobs that are dangerous, such as military theater, border, or law enforcement initiatives. Existing biometric tools are too costly, bulky, complex, fragile, limited to single purpose capability, and all require extensive user-training. 

VSGI fills this gap with proprietary products like our Vipers ™, providing affordable, lightweight, highly mobile, and rugged ISR, Compute, Common Operating Platforms that are easily deployable and require virtually no training. Designed for Military, LE, and First-Responders when minutes matter, Viper’s proprietary integrated design is durable, and allows for rapid deployment with no field assembly. Viper™ employs a wide-range of sensors and communications capabilities as it transmits high-quality video and biometric adjudication data in real time to its on-board databases, and securely communicates with virtually any backend theater, DHS, or FBI watch-lists and databases.  We develop our technologies to the lowest common denominator across all our market segments, in order to provide the highest level capability to all of our customers at the unmatchable lowest cost.
Our successes include major technology development and consulting services contracts with Defense and Intelligence Agencies, and Prime Contractors throughout the Industry.  

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