Consulting Services

Consulting Services and Areas of Expertise

Our technical, consultants, and Program Management Personnel are experts in IT Services, IA and Physical Security, Technology (software/hardware) Development, and specialized services from IT Services, to logistics, to base operations. Our personnel have been around the world working with Military, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Customers in the development and support of many types of operations.


Biometrics - Technology Development, Integration, and Support

Our personnel are experts in biometrics technology development, specialized cameras for Iris and Facial Imaging, technology insertion and enablement, and AFIS operations. Our personnel have been around the world working with Military, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Customers in the development and support of Biometric Operations. We have developed specialized biometric technology platforms unlike any the marketplace, providing far ranging, highly innovative capabilities within a single handheld device in a software agnostic way minimizing end user costs.

Due to our extensive experience with multiple technologies, and the design, production, implementation, and configuration of multimodal biometric solutions, we are skilled in assessing and evaluating best-of-breed biometric capabilities, designing solutions by filling gaps, and implementing hardware/software solutions, and training biometric systems operators on their use in both classroom and operational environments.

Systems Integration

VSGI systems engineers can expertly assess your legacy environments and develop integration and implementation plans that work. Our expertise in requirements definition, architecture development, strategic planning, system integration, and risk analysis ensures our customers positive ad beneficial outcomes, even in complex, unpredictable environments.


Program Management

When you are looking to solve critical identity management challenges and deploy biometrics-based solutions, it’s critical to engage experienced biometrics technology and systems experts — people who have been there and done that. VSGI professional services consultants provide this knowledge and bring deep experience in your specific market. Our experts have been involved in hundreds of implementations from single-systems to global deployments. Our program managers have a significant background in biometrics solutions deployments, as well as direct access to VSGI engineering resources to ensure projects are delivered within budget and on schedule.

Privacy and Security

We recognize the importance of maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive biometric data. We provide regulatory guidance for highly effective safeguards that meet the most rigid information assurance standards. For Government clients, our certified biometrics technical experts assist in developing privacy strategies and required documentation for information systems. We provide services to ensure implementation of required security measures to meet compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and other regulatory requirements.


Based on what our competition projects on their websites, this is where we’re supposed to impress you with our accreditations, appraisals, certifications…. Where we awe you with our proven methodologies, world-class capabilities, innovative solutions, and best practices. And promise you we’re committed to delivering quality, performance, and customer engagement.

We were founded by biometrics, information, and physical security technology experts. As physical, personal, and cybersecurity converge, your agency or company will face threats ripped out of some science fiction novel. Security is about protecting not just people, but their identities. Networks are not about connecting devices, but connecting people. And that in a connected, open world, actionable intelligence is not about learning secrets hidden behind firewalls; it’s about finding and understanding patterns hiding in plain sight.

Whatever the challenge, VSGI has the expert technical personnel to handle almost any challenge. As technologies and threats have converged, so have our strengths in security and IT.

Tactical Communications – Enabling Secure, Interoperable Tactical Communications Systems for the Global Military and Law Enforcement Communities

Vindicator Systems Group (VSGI) is a leading independent worldwide provider of technical services for tactical data communications and software solutions that allow military operating and training units, government testing organizations, and prime defense contractors to quickly achieve better connectivity and capability at the tactical edge. By creating cost-effective, integrated tactical communications solutions, warfighters in the air and on the ground can exchange real-time tactical information and share a Common Operating Picture (COP) for improved operational coordination, situation awareness, and mission effectiveness.

VSGI is providing innovative cost-effective solutions to meet complex Satellite, Wireless, and Terrestrial Communications and Data Link needs. Communications technologies are always evolving, and our personnel are highly experienced and maintain certifications on most systems today. For example, Tactical data link communications are also at the center of all military command and control systems today. While these solutions offer a means of secure communications, standards are highly complex and constantly evolving. These solutions need to interoperate across platforms, service branches, and even international boundaries. VSGI’s powerful, qualified technical services teams use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to minimize the time and effort required to build, integrate, test, train and deploy effective and affordable military or law enforcement communications systems.

On the battlefield or on the border, a communications link is a lifeline - a vital connection to operators and their command. Whether signing on to a radio or logging on to a laptop, you need a network that works the first time, every time. VSGI understands the communications needs of the net-centric warfighter and Law Enforcement Officers. Reliability is perhaps the most important feature of any communications systems.

In addition to best-in-class technical services and COTS software solutions, VSGI also delivers subject matter expert (SME) training, support, and world-class services both through VSGI personnel and our partner ecosystem--so you get the maximum value and return on investment from your TDL infrastructure investment. Our integrated approach to product and solutions development, and technical services customer service is one of the keys to our global success


Proposal Management, Capture, and Business Development

Our Capture and Business development consultants are experts in writing proposals and winning business for our customers by creating a win strategy, with technical and business discriminators, and top level program performance.

We analyze Probability of Win (PWIN) and determine strategies to improve your PWIN. We can help develop Capture and Business Development strategies designed to improve business. We can help develop Price-To-Win and Design-to-Cost strategies, the goal, of course, is to put you and your company in the best position to win. We can hold Strategic Intent Workshops developing declarations and roadmaps to enhance your relationships with your customers and reduce proposal risk. And we provide Team Facilitation Reviews at all Phases of Bid Cycles.

Our PMP Professionals hold clearances in multiple agencies and have run major programs in both the DoD and IC. Our drive to innovate and provide the most compelling solutions has helped maintain, grow, and penetrate markets. In everything we do, VSGI partners with you to do what it takes to get your results and change the game for your business. We look forward to supporting your efforts. Contact us for more information.